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Our Services

We provide various services for everything our customers need

Dents and scratches 

We proficiently repair both deep and light scratches, along with minor paint damage and dents in plastic or metal panels on your vehicle.

Alloy wheels 

Whether your wheels are dented, scratched, or suffering from corrosion, we specialize in repairing and refurbishing diamond cut wheels to restore them to a like-new condition.

Polishing and detailing

Car polish and detailing services are designed to bring back the car's paintwork's natural shine, enhancing its appearance.

Damage Work

We understand the vital role your car plays in your daily life. That's why we prioritize safety by exclusively using genuine parts whenever available and factory-approved procedures for all our repairs.

Our commitment to customer convenience extends to accepting insurance claims and offering hassle-free estimates to support you with your insurance company requirements.

Car paint /End lease repair 

If your car has a solid, metallic or pearlescent paint finish, we perform the art of blending paint to an exact 100% match. Furthermore, our specialized service extends to end-of-lease refurbishments, offering a cost-effective solution to help our customers sidestep substantial penalties often associated with leased vehicles.

Car styling

Customizing your car through grille and body kit upgrades and tinted lights is a popular way to express your personality and enhance its appearance.

However, it's crucial to consider safety, legal regulations, and budget while ensuring professional installation for a satisfying and personalized driving experience.

​Our Core Values

  • 20+Years experience in car industry

  • High quality services

  • Friendly prices

  • Passion for Innovation

Your car repair shop in Central Birmingham area with ATA accreditation senior painter and vehicle accessor with accreditation IMI VDA 

approved technicians,

ensuring that your vehicle is in capable and skilled hands.

High Quality materials from the Best Brands

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With our experience and knowledge we can give to costumers affordable prices with premium quality and service.

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